Welcome to our Living Wellness and Yoga Membership page.

We have decided to discontinue the Membership services.

Please join us in one of our live classes or workshops

Jon and Alena’s business is Living Wellness and Yoga LLC. They teach yoga at various locations in the WNY area and at the Lockport Family YMCA. They work with clients, groups and businesses to promote health and wellness, as well as having monthly health/wellness/nutrition related workshops at various locations.

“Jon and Alena are an energetic couple that put much time and thought into their classes. They are enthusiastic and well prepared. Workouts are varied and accommodate all levels of ability. They offer yoga, meditation, both high and low intensity workouts, nutrition advice and a wide variety of activities. They are kind and truly have a passion for teaching. I have taken yoga from them for several years and would highly recommend them as instructors”

LuAnn T