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Yoga simply means “union” and is a system of well-being on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Yoga is a personal journey to find balance in the body, mind, heart and spirit through breath, movement and mindfulness.

Our philosophy is that yoga is for everybody and every body. Yoga is about breathing, consciously moving our bodies, reconnecting with the feeling of movement, listening to our body’s signals, staying grounded in the present moment, and strengthening our mind-body connection. It does not matter if you consider yourself “flexible” or not. The only flexibility that you need is in your mind. Be open to a new way of thinking, moving and feeling, and it will change your life!

We have a wide variety of classes making yoga accessible to everyone.

Our Training

We (Jon & Alena) achieved our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Certifications (200 RYT) through YogaFit. We continue to train, learn and grow through the YogaFit program as we work towards our 500 Hour Certifications. We have also achieved our 100 Hour “YogaFit for Warriors” Teacher Certifications (trauma-sensitive yoga). We are both registered with Yoga Alliance.

We teach our yoga classes at a variety of locations. Please reach out for up to date information.

Yoga Classes @ School House Wellness Center (Lockport)

  • Saturday 8-9am
    Gentle Flow Yoga (Alena)


$13 Single Class


Flow Yoga
An all levels (beginner to advanced) vinyasa practice that focuses on building strength, balance & flexibility. Props and modifications are offered to fit your needs.


Hot Yoga
A slower paced flow where the studio is heated (100 degrees) to promote muscle flexibility, lengthening and detoxification.

Gentle Flow Yoga
A gentle flow for all levels (beginner to experienced).


Chair Yoga
A great class for all, and recommended for those with limited mobility and have difficulty getting up and down off the floor easily. With the help of a chair, yoga poses become accessible for all. Experience the benefits of increased circulation, balance, flexibility, mobility and strength.

Restorative Yoga
A practice using fewer postures and various props (blocks, bolsters, straps, blankets) to slow down, open the body through passive stretching, and allow the muscles to relax deeply.

Private/Group Yoga
We do offer private and group yoga sessions. Contact us for details and prices.

Yoga for Warriors (Trauma-Sensitive Yoga)

This approach to yoga can be a healing resource for anyone affected by trauma, by building resilience within through the breath and movement of yoga. These classes are designed to help create space for trauma survivors allowing them to reconnect to their bodies and regain a sense of control. These yoga classes can be an ideal environment to help a trauma survivor build their resources for healing and moving through trauma. Yoga resets the nervous system and helps the survivor to re-establish a connection with the body, cultivate self awareness and self regulation, increase emotional and physical resiliency, and become more present in order to reconnect to daily life and loved ones.


What is Trauma?

Trauma is an emotional response to an event like an accident, abuse (all forms), or natural disaster. Trauma is a subjective experience and represents a threat to personal safety physically, emotionally, or mentally.

Please contact us if you’re interested in more information about our Yoga for Warriors program, or if you’re interested in bringing it to your facility or group.


Y12SR (Yoga of 12-Step Recovery)

Y12SR is an innovative addiction relapse prevention program that integrates the wisdom of yoga and the practical tools of 12-Step recovery programs.

Guided by its theme “The Issues Live In the Tissues,” Y12SR meetings are offered throughout the U.S. and abroad and is quickly becoming a feature of addiction recovery treatment centers.

Y12SR is a meeting and a yoga practice. The time is divided between a 12-Step-like sharing circle and a yoga asana (movement), pranayama (breathwork) and meditation session where we “take it to the mats.” The yoga asana practice offered is designed to be accessible to all bodies and levels of yoga experience.

Y12SR is open to all persons who suffer with addiction as well as to those who love them. It is offered as an adjunct — not a replacement — to regular addiction recovery work. The principles of safety and anonymity are upheld by Y12SR.

Why Combine Yoga and Recovery?

The 12-Step Recovery model approaches addiction at the cognitive level. Created in 1939 by the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous, it is the most recognized and pervasive addiction recovery program in the world with millions of practitioners. Transcending alcohol and substance abuse, addiction recovery addresses behaviors such as gambling, overeating, sex and love, shopping, co-dependency, etc. Addictive behaviors separate and disconnect individuals from themselves, their families, and the their communities.

The traditional Yoga practice includes a somatic approach. Yoga itself means union, integration and balance. Combining the two creates a model that truly addresses addiction as the physical, mental and spiritual disease that it is. Y12SR assists people to develop body awareness, to learn to feel what’s going on in their bodies, and to self-regulate.

Y12SR – Western New York Meetings

Y12SR combines the practical tools of the 12-step program with the ancient wisdom of yoga. Combining the two creates a model that truly addresses addiction as the physical, mental & spiritual disease that it is.

Y12SR is a 12-step based discussion and yoga practice that is open to anyone and everyone dealing with their own addictive behavior or affected by the addictive behavior of others. This is an open and inclusive group. All A’s are welcome. Wear comfortable clothing.

Y12SR Meetings are offered to the community by donation (meeting donations & community donations).

* Y12SR LeaderJon Winters


“I can’t say enough about Living Wellness and Yoga. As a true beginner, Jon and Alena introduced me to yoga in such a wonderful and gentle way. I love the “live classes” but I am grateful for the video library as well. These really come in handy when my schedule gets crazy. It’s really all about self-care , something we all need more of in this challenging time . Yoga has truly helped me find balance in my life”.

Mary G